Irrigation System Installation & Maintenance in Townsville


Irrigation and watering systems are complex and need a thorough technical know how to set up properly. Whether you have a sprinkler system for your front and back yard, a farm irrigation system or a rainwater tank, Convenient Plumbing Services specialises in the installation, maintenance and repair of these systems in the Townsville area.

We have the expertise and experience to handle irrigation and water systems, rainwater tanks, water pumps, drip irrigation, water features and related services for domestic, business and commercial clients in the area. With affordable rates, convenient hours and 24/7 emergency assistance, we are the irrigation specialists in the area.

Irrigation and Watering Systems

Installing irrigation system — Plumbing Services in Kirwan,QLD
Irrigation and watering systems in the Townsville area can range from simple garden sprinklers to heavy-duty water delivery systems on farmland for agriculture. We specialise in installing, ... Read more

Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks — Plumbing Services in Kirwan,QLD
There are homes and businesses in the area that make use of rainwater tanks during the year. We can install and service all brands, sizes and models, ranging from above ground to underground and ... Read more

Water Pumps

Plumber fixing water pump — Plumbing Services in Kirwan,QLD
Whether you have a submersible pump, sump pump, septic tank system or other type of water pump on your property, we can help you with any issue you are experiencing. Through our ... Read more

Water Features

Water features — Plumbing Services in Kirwan,QLD
Do you have a water fountain or other water feature on your property? We can handle the installation, maintenance and repair of your water fixtures to ensure they are functioning as intended.