Are you experiencing problems with a drain at your home or business in Townsville? At Convenient Plumbing Services we understand just how frustrating and confusing drain problems can be. We offer expert drainage services to clients throughout the area, affordably and efficiently resolving your issue before it becomes a much bigger problem.

If you notice a blocked drain on your property call us immediately. We can come to your location straight away or at a time that is convenient to you. Our crew are very flexible, we understand not all clients are always available during regular hours.
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Drainage Solutions


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Aside from fast drain repairs we also conduct full installations, maintenance and replacement of parts or whole systems. One of the most common services we offer in Townsville is drain excavation.

Many clients who call us about a drainage problem assume they are experiencing a minor issue. An assessment of their system will often show its age and that it's in drastic need of replacement. Specific blockages or wear and tear can cause pipes to fall apart.

Before starting any drain excavation we inform our clients as to why the process is necessary. We deliver a full quote and expected time frame details to make sure you are comfortable before proceeding. Convenient Plumbing Services also offers flexible payment options to make any costs manageable.

Through state of the art machinery, experienced crew members and using the best pipes available, we fully excavate your existing drainage system so we can replace it with new structures. It's a significant undertaking but most residential and commercial customers will get decades of use from the new system.

When we install new drainage you can be sure it will be performing flawlessly many years from now! You can trust Convenient Plumbing Services to expertly excavate existing drainage pipes and replace them with quality products.